Conference list


18 March 2016: Serbia and the European integration of the Western Balkans: Exchange of views in the run-up to Paris Summit on the Western Balkans, Belgrade


16 November 2016: What Future for the relations bewteen the European Union and the Russian Federation? Vienna.

15 October 2015: EU enlargement: Looking for a new impetus and new perspectives. Vienna

18. Juni 2015: Fighting Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities… 6 Months before the UN Climate Conference. Vienna

27. April 2015: European Integration and Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans, Podgorica


7 novembre 2014: A new impetus for the European integration of the Western Balkans, Sarajevo

19 mai 2014: European identity and the Future of the Western Balkans, Podgorica

7  avril 2014 :  L’image de l’UE en France et en Autriche: attentes et réalités, bilateral conference, Vienna


7  November 2013: “35 Years of European Construction: Taking Stock and Perspectives”, 35 Anniversary Conference, Paris

13 May 2013: “The Western Balkans at the Crossroads: The Challenge of European Integration in Times of Crisis”, Podgorica


11 October 2012: “Towards a European Strategy for the Alpine Space”, Innsbruck

14 May 2012: “Which Security and Defence Policy for which Europe?”, Vienna


5 December 2011: “The Polish Presidency of the EU Council: Challenges and Opportunities”, Warsaw

15 September 2011: “The CAP post 2013: Challenges of the Transition Period”, Brussels

4 April 2011: “Hungary and Europe”, Budapest


21 October 2010: “Demography, Migration and European Identity: Challenges for Europe”, Vienna

29-30 April 2010: “Croatia on the Eve of EU Accession: The Path of Reform”, Zagreb


15-16 October 2009: “The Black Sea Region: Link between an enlarged Europe and its Neighbourhood”, Bucharest

22-23 June 2009: “Serbia on the Path towards EU Accession”, Belgrade


5-6 May 2008: “Macedonia—Model Pupil of the Balkans?”, Skopje

27-28 November 2008: “The European Union under Construction: New Challenges—New Responses”, Paris


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