Brexit 2016

Panel Discussion


Exchange of perspectives from France, Austria and the Netherlands


Clingendael, Netherlands institute of international relations

The Hague, 10 October 2016, 17h30-21h00

Context and objectives:

The referendum of June 23th backing the Brexit is a watershed in the history of European integration. The permissive consensus upon which European elites used to rely in the pursuit of European integration has been challenged once more, with unprecedented potency though. The referendum in the UK exposed to bright light growing dissatisfaction nourished against the EU throughout Europe. It pointed at the EU’s perceived incapacity to respond to the multiple crises it faces, whether economic, political, ideational or security- and migration-related. It certainly marked a new climax in the decade-long rise of Euroscepticism and nationalism in Europe, while underlining the flaws and limitations of the democratic and economic model promoted by the EU both internally and externally.

The Brexit not only illustrates these flaws and limitations; it also amplifies them by worsening the political and confidence crisis in the EU, by destabilising European economy, reinforcing uncertainty and anchoring disintegration in EU narratives. It is to discuss these topics from the perspective of France, Austria and the Netherlands that a panel conference will be organised in The Hague on October, 10th 2016.

The panel discussion will focus on the rising EU-related dissatisfaction, of which the Brexit is the latest and most blatant illustration, the echo the referendum found in France, Austria and the Netherlands, and it the broader implications the Brexit may have for the EU, both internally and externally.



17h30 Snack

18h00 Opening

1st panel    The Brexit as an acute symptom of European-wide dissatisfaction: Resonance in France, Austrian and the Netherlands.

Moderator: Jan ROOD,  Senior Research Fellow, Clingendael, The Hague

Adriaan DE SCHOUT, Senior Research Fellow, Clingendael, The Hague

Werner FASSLABEND, President AIES, Vienna


2nd panel   The Brexit as watershed: internal and external implications for the EU

Moderator: Peter JANKOWITSCH, former Foreign Minister of Austria, Vienna

Monika SIE, Director of the Clingendael Institute and EU-expert, The Hague

Johannes KYRLE, Secretary General, Austro – French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe, Vienna

Yves BERTONCINI, Director, Jacques Delors Institute, Paris

Conclusion and vin d’honneur

21h00 end of the event


Organised by:

Austro-French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe (ÖFZ), Vienna; Clingendael, Netherlands institute of international relations, The Hague; Austrian Institute for European and Security Studies, Vienna (AIES)

In cooperation with / with the support of:

Institut français des relations internationales, Paris (Ifri) ; French and Austrian Embassies in The Hague; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (tbc)




Programme in English (pdf)




Conference organised by
ÖFZ logoclingendael
With the support of



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