The Austro-French Centre

A place to exchange idea on tomorrow's Europe

The Austro-French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe was established in 1978 by President Jacques Chirac and Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. It organizes international conferences, bilateral colloquiums and short seminars and therewith contributes to the deepening of the relations between France and Austria while supporting the enlargement policy of the European Union.

Since its establishment, the Centre enable has brought together a large number of decision-makers from the political and economic world, key members of the civil society, renown members of the academia, as well as representatives from international organisations and European institutions. Its participants, mainly coming from France and Austria, but also from Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Western Balkans, have been invited to discuss their experiences, exchange their knowledge and contribute to improve our understanding of the topical issues striking European states, whether members of the Union or not. The Centre has thereby brought France and Austria joining energy and improved their relationship.

The Centre works in close cooperation with the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI) in Paris. Depending on the topic of the conference, it is also supported by the European Commission, the governmental services of France and Austria and other international organization such as the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the OCDE or the United Nations. The Centre usually also associate a local partner from Central and Eastern Europe or the Western Balkans, when the conference it organises takes place in these regions.

The Centre publishes the AFC Syntheses, its conference proceedings; the Lettre du CFA, an informational bulletin, as well as more academic writings in its AFC Analysis (co-published by the IFRI) and articles in the press.

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