Dominique David, President of the Austro-French Centre

The Austro-French Centre is presided since June 2015 by Dominique David, advisor to Thierry de Montbrial, former President of the AFC and executive Chairman of the French Institute for International Relations. Dominique David has been researcher at the Center of Political Studies of Defense (université de  Paris I), Deputy Director of the Institut français de polémologie (French Institute of Polemology), and from 1985 to 1991, Secretary General of the FEDN (Fondation pour les études de défense nationale).He also  teached at the Military School of Saint-Cyr (Coëtquidan), at the Paris I University  and at the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (IEP). Dominique David has been, from  1998 to 2010, member of the Scientific Council of Defense.


Johannes Kyrle, Secretary General of the Austro-French Centre

Johannes Kyrle became Secretary General of the Austro-French Centre in 2015. He holds a Doctorate in law and was Secretary General of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years.


Florent Marciacq, Research Fellow – Programme Director

Florent Marciacq is Research Fellow and Programme Director at the Austro-French Centre since almost ten years. He is chargé d'affaires and also in charge of the scientifc coordination of the conferences and the publications. A graduate from the Vienna Diplomatic Academy (MA) and the Neoma-Business School-ESC Reims (MSc), he holds a PhD in political sciences from the University of Luxembourg and Vienna. Florent Marciacq also works as associate researcher at the European Governance Research Group of the University of Luxembourg and he was a researcher in residence at the OSCE. An expert inWestern Balkans and the European foreign policy and security as well as the Eastern Neighourhood of the EU, he has written a number of scientific articles, publishes in the press and regularly participates in conferences and consultancy activities as analyst.

Contact: florent.marciacq [a] or +43 1 533 89 27 22

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