Minsk 2016

International Conference

Pan-European Integration Processes:
Towards a Mutual Vision through Cross-Border Synergies

27 October 2016, Minsk, Belarus

Conference idea

In recent years, academic and policy discussions about pan-European integration processes and relations between regional integration projects have been marred by geopolitical tensions and lack of dialogue. However, the practical need to develop cooperative ties and mutually reinforce integration effects for the benefit of common people, businesses and governments across Europe and Eurasia keep the issue relevant for researchers’ and policy-makers’ agenda. Thus, the core challenge today is to go beyond geopolitics-loaded discourses and focus on practical opportunities and challenges to pan-European integration processes.
The conference will work on the assumption that a way to greater pan-European integration goes through cross-border cooperation and synergies that result gradually from such mutually beneficial cooperation. To that end, the Minsk
Dialogue expert group will prepare a report with an overview of current academic and policy discussions about pan-European integration processes and ideas on how to move these discussions onto a more pragmatic level. The report will be presented at the conference and guide discussions during the conference sessions. The conference will be organised by the Minsk Dialog Track II initiative, (Belarus) in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany), the Austro-French Centre for Rapprochement in Europe (Austria-France) and the French Institute for International Relations (France)
The event will run in parallel with the high-level official conference on pan-European integration processes co-organised by the Government of Belarus and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. The United Nations Under- Secretary General – Executive Secretary of UNECE, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, a Eurasian Economic Union Commissioner and other officials are also expected to participate in our Track-II conference.

Conference Objectives

  • To examine ways to advance pan-European integration processes by facilitating cross-border cooperation in various areas of mutual interest (economic growth and business opportunities, security challenges, and energy infrastructure).
  • To discuss conceptual frameworks for advancing pan-European integration
  • To promote informed discussions about pan-European integration processes and challenges in the media.


Four sessions in the form of panel discussions, all open to the media. Experts, academics and diplomats will be invited as participants.




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